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FINALLY!!! The complete Batman t.v series from the 60’s is coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray!!! :’D

Teaser pic from my upcoming horror web series.

I am reblogging myself because on November I accidentally guessed A LOT of what would happen in Time of the Doctor regarding the regeneration. I mean, it genuinely felt weird when I watched the special because of how similar what was happening was to what I had written here. And IT ONLY HAS TWO NOTES. I WANT RECOGNITION FOR THIS FROM MY FELLOW WHOVIANS, DANG IT!!! D:



  So far in Doctor Who, the show has always treated the time when the Doctor has to regenerate as something that absolutely has to happen right there and then when he’s exactly as we know him.

  For one thing, that would mean he burns through his regenerations extremely fast, all things considered. Which is logical given his dangerous lifestyle, don’t get me wrong!

  But it is for this reason that I appreciate something about the 7th and 11th Doctors. It is confirmed that there’s actually a lot of their lifespan that we haven’t seen in the show, on a scale much bigger than human lifespans. What do I mean by this? Well, the 9th Doctor, Jack and Rose mentioned adventures we hadn’t seen on-screen. But those missing moments were still short enough so that Rose was pretty much the same age from one viewer-witnessed adventure to the next. Not so for 7 and 11.

  When we see the 7th Doctor again in the T.V movie, he looks older than when we last saw him. That is normal, Sylvester McCoy had aged by then. But think of it on Time Lord terms… How long would it take for a Time Lord to look that much older? They don’t age at the same rate we do. In the first episode of the Sixth Series we saw Eleven at different moments of his life with 200 years of difference and he still looked the same! (And yes, I know Moffat established via River that Time Lords could go back and forth with the appearance of their age, but I don’t think the Doctor would do it and I always took that line, while canonical, as more of an excuse to keep bringing back Alex Kingston as a River Song younger than the oldest version of her, filmed when the actress was younger.) So my point is, for Seven to look older, it must have been many centuries! Which is why I never believed the latest incarnations of the Doctor when they claimed to be about 900 years-old. Seems to me like they just stopped counting. The Doctor lies indeed! But of course, the 7th incarnation met a violent death, as usual.

  Then you have Eleven. Despite that he’ll (probably) leave us looking exactly the same as when he first showed up, we know there’s centuries of this incarnation we haven’t seen. Not missing weeks or months during which the expanded material such as audio dramas, books and comic-books take place, but actual centuries. 7 and 11 have that in common. I like that for two reasons;

  For one, it makes me feel less bad about the Doctor burning his regenerations so quickly, because then it’s not THAT quick anymore. Sure, some would compare it to other Time Lords who lived in peace pre-Time War and would go through them much slower, but it’s still better than the average Gallifreyan who had no regenerations. Which also explains why the Doctor feels old despite being countless times younger than his POTENTIAL old age once all his regenerations would have been used, because it is not something all Gallifreyans have by default, therefore Time Lords DO feel old even before they reach half their lifespan with regenerations taken into account.

  Secondly, it becomes easier for expanded material that comes after to do as many adventures of that incarnation as they want without stretching one’s suspension of disbelief. Sure, in Doctor Who it’s not that difficult to say they all happened between episodes, but it does pile up eventually in the case of Doctors who always had a human companion with them at all times, even more so if the companion is included in many expanded Whoniverse stories.

  But despite their storytelling advantages in those regards, both the 7th and 11th incarnation lack one aspect that would make it perfect regarding the aspects I mentioned. It’s not something that’d always be dramatically appropriate, but I think it could be done at least once. One way that would be a better excuse than the ‘Time Differential’ from ‘Time Crash’ when it comes to what I’ll address; An excuse to bring back older Doctors for multi-Doctor stories without having to make excuses for how they look older both in-story and for us outside the story, feeling weird that they don’t look the same as last time we saw them as the Doctor.

  How about at some point for a future regeneration when the actor is ready to leave, on his last episode after his latest televised great adventure… We see a montage? We see the Doctor continuing to save worlds, traveling in his TARDIS… And as the montage progresses with a beautiful score that is both triumphant and melancholic, we see him getting older as centuries of adventure pass, all thanks to practical make-up effects… And then, we see him as a very old man in his TARDIS, walking with the help of a cane (sonic cane perhaps?) and looking around the TARDIS with a smile. He sets his cane carefully against the control panel, looks at his reflection on one of the screens, then nods to himself. His hands begin to glow as he smiles like a child, and he gloriously regenerates into a younger body. (Not necessarily into a young man, but younger than he was at that point.) Then as the regeneration process ends, the Doctor looks at his new self in the same reflection, smiles again and grabs his cane in an energetic twirl, walking off to find new clothes…

  Okay, this has been as close to writing fanfic as I’ll ever get, but I wanted to really get the idea across. What if we got a regeneration that was both cheerful and inspiring instead of sad? You’d still have a lot of feelings seeing the previous Doctor leave, but story-wise you’d feel like he got a long life like he deserved and he changed on his own terms when he felt it was time, actually a first for him.

  And the added plus? When we last see him, the actor has make-up to make him look EXTREMELY old. So if the actor wants to come back later on for a multi-Doctor story, it’s fine if he looks older, because he’ll still look younger than when we last saw him on-screen! It’d be fine in-story and it wouldn’t feel weird for the viewers!

  Anyway, this has been a long post and I’m not convinced many will read through it, but for those who did, I hope you’ve enjoyed my rambling ideas. :)


  I hope this letter finds you well. This is both a letter of apology and an inquiry/request.

  To start with, for those who don’t know, Foonzo is a geek bar in Montreal.



  A few weeks back, it was the birthday of one of my friends and we started celebrating. We ended up at Foonzo and quickly started playing at the foosball table, piling up the loonies to keep it going, yelling at each other and downing drinks when someone managed to score a goal against us. Good old rowdy fun.


Pictured above; rowdy fun.

  Now, when the employees told us (in our drunken stupor) that the place closed at 2:00 am, we took it as a suggestion to finish our drinks and games. Except in the state we were in, we might have lost track of time. I am a bit ashamed to admit that we did stay a bit longer than that. O.k, we actually left at 2:45 am. So maybe we stayed way longer than that.

  So I apologize for that. As an ex-restaurant waiter myself, I really should have known better.

  That said…

  Two nights ago, we went back to your fine establishment. I noticed the foosball table had been moved and looked for it, only to realize that… There was no foosball table. It hadn’t been moved, it had been REmoved!!!

  Had we gone too far, I wondered? Had we pushed Foonzo into removing it from the establishment, banned as something that would only attract the wrong kind of crowd? It seemed extreme but… not impossible.

  I asked our waitress, and her reaction was an instantaneous “Oh, that was you guys???”


  Of course she never did confirm if it was removed because of us or not. I was left all alone with doubt and guilt regarding our beloved foosball table.

  So here it is. Dear Foonzo owners, whether the table was removed because of us or just because you already intended to remove it anyway, I do apologize for my friends and I staying way over closing time. In any case, I ask you to please consider placing the foosball table back in there. We like your place and go there pretty frequently, last time we played video-games and Cards Against Humanity. We ordered nachos (twice!) and drank beer and shooters. (One shooter was named ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, after which the waitress asked us “So how does Spider-Man taste?” I was of course left with no other option but to reply “Spider-Man was kinda sticky.”)

  So my point is, we like your place and will continue to spend money there, of course. But there is a hole in my heart without the foosball table, and truth be told, we also spent more money with it being there so you made more profit from us with it. (One dollar per game! If we play there an hour or two, that’s the equivalent of a few more drinks!)

  So for all that I mentioned, please reconsider placing the foosball table back in the Foonzo!

  If you decide not to, (whether we were the cause of it or not) I understand that it’s your place and you’ll do what you want with it. But it’s okay, I understand people are allowed to bring their tabletop games to Foonzo. (I saw a group playing D&D there once, pretty cool!). So there’s always Plan B

P.S: Oh and while we’re at it, congrats on your new menu and all, but I seriously miss your BLT sandwich…

Foonzo’s Web Site: http://foonzo.com

Foonzo’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Foonzo

EDIT: So I got a reply from Foonzo and it turns out that it was simply because their contract with the foosball table provider had ended and they are looking to buy their own table.

  I would also like to point out that the waitress was awesome and the whole “That was you guys?” was not said in a negative way at all and was actually very funny.


Saga Fancast

Lyndie Greenwood & Godfrey Gao as Alana & Marko

  Hey, cool choices! Although I always pictured Alana as South Asian. (Like Indian or Bangladeshi people.)


Saga Fancast

Lyndie Greenwood & Godfrey Gao as Alana & Marko

  Hey, cool choices! Although I always pictured Alana as South Asian. (Like Indian or Bangladeshi people.)

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Michael was adopted and does not know his birth family. We know he has a half brother but have no information about him.

He does not specifically need an African American Donor but because of all of the things that factor into finding a match (blood type, dna tissue etc.) , someone of similar descent is more likely to be a closer match.

If anyone knows anything about Michael’s birth family or if you would like to see if you are a match, please privately message me. I can put you in touch with him and his caregivers directly!

We hope through spreading awareness we can either find his birth family whom he does not know or find a donor match. Michael lives in the Cincinnati, OH area. Please dont just like this or scroll past. Please share this! You could save his life!

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  I never understood the love in fandom for the Slave Leia concept. Or rather, I disagree with it and it’s not for me. Yes, the design is cool (and now iconic, obviously) and yes in itself it is very sexy…

  But I always associated it with the fact that Leia was sexually molested while wearing it. Hell, wearing the bikini in itself was already sexual degradation. She was forced to wear it, it’s not like we’d seen her wearing this on the beach or something along those lines and then she happened to be captured at that moment. A slaver captured her and made her wear it for his (its?) pleasure.

  I mean, yes it’s a huge puppet with a gross tongue doing it so people laugh it off, but it doesn’t change the simple fact that Leia WAS molested. (If it helps you picture my point, replace all the Jabba scenes with a human being acting the same way he did with Leia, including the tongue scene. Disturbing, isn’t it?) So because of that, I always have trouble appreciating the Slave Leia outfit, even on beautiful cosplayers.

  P.S: I am not saying it shouldn’t have been in the movie, as I’m not the censoring type, I just say I don’t understand why people treat the outfit so… casually. It doesn’t bother me that they do though, I know most people probably don’t over-think it like I do and just like the design and the fact that it’s sexy in itself.




Sad news everyone: the Chapters store downtown, an important landmark of ste-catherine street, will close in a few months.


Sadly it’s true; inside source; closing in October to be replaced by a motherf***in Victoria’s Secret

Oh no. I go to Chapters weekly… :(

At least there’s still Indigo.

  I’ve just watched the ‘Son of Batman’ animated movie. After the first ten minutes, I paused it, wrote down all the things that were bothering me so far, and then just kept taking notes through the whole thing.

  So yeah, the short version is that I highly disliked the movie and it should have stuck closer to the story written by Grant Morrison.

  Let’s begin this multi-part review… And just so you know, this review is all SPOILERS.

  From the start, I am annoyed to find that Ra’s is apparently a Jedi, able to deflect bullets with his sword. I know the martial artists of the DCU have exaggerated cinematic skills, but some things break my suspension of disbelief more than others. <Insert joke about Liam Neeson having played both Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Ra’s Al Ghul here!>

  My attempt to put that first annoyance aside is not helped by the fact that the League of Assassins appears to have no guns or modern weapons whatsoever. I know the Nolan movies gave that general impression of Ra’s League of being only ninjas, but Nolan’s Ra’s League of Shadows is not comic-book Ra’s League of Assassins. Sure, Ra’s always had many martial artists serving him, but in most stories you’ll find he also has many modern mercenaries. (Or at least he SHOULD! Perhaps I have overlooked how the Nolan movies have influenced the more recent comic-books featuring the League…) In fact, ‘Batman: Son of the Demon’, the comic that first came up with the notion of Bruce and Talia having a son, had Ra’s goons armed with firearms. And a strategist like Ra’s would have his HQ better defended, in my opinion. It was really pathetic how easily Deathstroke took over the place.

  At least we see Talia being a bad-ass. I seriously thought her fighting scene at the beginning of the movie was one of the best in the whole animated movie.

  Going back to Deathstroke, in this movie’s continuity Ra’s trained him. Between the Nolan movies, the t.v show ‘Arrow’ and this, I’m starting to believe that Ra’s and/or his League will be responsible for training almost all the martial artists in the DCU in one continuity or another! Also, while I mean no disrespect to the voice actor, I have to question his choice to make Deathstroke sound like a stuck-up, stuffy butler. (Sorry for the comparison, Alfred!) And before anyone makes that assumption, no I’m not saying he should sound like Arrow’s Deathstroke. While I enjoy Manu Benett’s portrayal a lot, not all versions of Slade Wilson should now sound Australian because of him.

  It also doesn’t help that this version of Deathstroke is the weakest and least impressive version of any continuity I’ve seen or read! Damian and him fight almost as equals and Damian is responsible for taking Slade’s eye. Seriously??? Listen, I know Damian is a bad-ass when compared to regular people and even most highly-trained adults. But Damian should NOT be able to take on adults who have more training than he ever had.

  I’m not sure if I should blame this one on Deathstroke being too weak or Damian being too strong. When Slade and Batman do fight near the climax of the movie, Batman EASILY beats him, which tells me this Deathstroke is weaker than the comic-book version. Then again, Damian manages to mess up Nightwing way too much than he should have in their off-screen fight. At least they did have Dick win, otherwise I might have stopped the movie right there. But I’m jumping back and forth in time. After Damian takes Slade’s eye… Deathstroke the Terminator runs away.

  Slade Wilson runs away from an 8 year-old.

  Let that sink in.

  Done? O.k, let’s continue.

  Talia and Damian find Ra’s dead near the Lazarus Pit. Talia declares it’s too late to help Ra’s into the Pit without even trying, claiming that the wounds are too severe. Um, o.k. I mean, if he was able to crawl all the way there, maybe he’s still salvageable you know… No? Okay. Sad music ensues. I know it’s sad for Damian and that’s why the sad music is there, but I’m too biased against terrorist super-villain Ra’s Al Ghul to be touched by it.

  At this point we have reached the ten-minute mark. All of these complaints are from the first ten minutes of the movie. (Well, I added a few from later on in the movie, but only to back up other arguments and I consider them the same initial problem repeated later on.)

  Next we have a fight between Batman and Killer Croc. Croc is on steroids (sort of) and is able to throw a whole freaking lift, yet he doesn’t kill Batman with a single punch nor crush his skull when he could have easily done so if we take that new strength into account. Okay. Honestly, it’s a recurring problem in the DC animated movies. I’m all for Batman going up against super-powered opponents, but it’s like too many times the writers and/or animation teams don’t know how to do it right, and suddenly for the time of that fight Batman becomes the physical equivalent of Spider-Man, able to be thrown through concrete walls and be hit by villains with super-strength and still get right back up again. That scene was saved by Talia’s arrival at its very end and her genuinely funny quip as she saves Batman. (Even if it felt like something Catwoman would say instead of Talia, but I digress.)

  The batmobile is first seen right after and I gotta say, it looks AWESOME. A mix of retro and modern styles, it felt like the essence of the batmobile had been diluted to that one design.

  Batman and Talia have an awkward conversation where they discuss how she roofied and raped him. Yes that’s from the comics, but the recent ones, so to speak. In the original love scene in Son of the Demon it was consensual, but for some reason Morrison decided Talia had drugged Batman into it, a choice I’ve always disagreed with. Yet, once one accepts that change was made, at least Batman is rightly offended by the gesture. (One could argue that not enough, but he IS offended.) In this movie though, he admits it wasn’t ‘all bad’. So Batman was raped and he liked it. Okay. I’ll bleach my brain later. Talia rubs herself against Batman in a very sexual way and then less than a minute later pulls a curtain to reveal their son was in the same room as all that was going on.

  That is icky. It’s seriously effed up.

  Also, from a storytelling perspective Damian’s introduction to Batman is much weaker than in Morrison’s story. But this movie has nothing to do with the source material except for Damian and ninja Man-Bats so…

  Let’s take a break here. To be concluded in part 2 of this movie’s review.

  Imagine the following; Your players have defeated the evil wizard and have access to his treasure. They find magical items, scrolls, spellbooks, potions… Indeed, there is even an awesome FIRE-BREATHING POTION. It is labelled and it even says “duration of 10 minutes”.

  A pretty useful potion, correct? Well, here’s the thing; If someone drinks the potion, it means that for the next ten minutes they need to breathe fire instead of oxygen to survive. (Treat a character who drank the potion and is not breathing in fire as drowning per the rules of your system of choice.)

  Of course while the person’s body has been changed to inhale fire safely, it does not protect the outside of the body in any way from fire, so unless the players get creative, a character who manages to breathe fire will probably be burning their face every round they do so too. (Normal fire damage applies.)

  Whether they instinctively realize that they need to breathe fire to survive is up to you as a GM. Maybe a Wisdom check?