Well my name is Bruno (obviously), I'm half-Spanish/half-Quebecois and live in the city of Montreal in Canada. This is my blog for articles and reviews of all things geek and whatever other random stuff I feel like sharing.

  I haven’t been posting much on this blog site lately… That’s because of a few reasons.

  One, I admit, is procrastination. Not in the sense of the blog itself, but I’ve been working on a role-playing book for years now and it should have been done by now. So when I feel like writing, I sit myself down to work on that book instead.

  Another is my new work schedule. I finish late and start my day somewhat late too, it gets me a bit out of synch sometimes.

  I’m also working slowly but surely on a horror web series. I’m writing it, directing it and also starring in it. The logic behind my casting myself as the main character is basically knowing that I won’t bail out on myself in the middle of the project. :p

  Finally, I’ve also recently started to work out again, trying to get back in shape. So I’m returning to the gym and have just started going to a Krav Maga school. I really need to work on my cardio for one thing, sparring burns me out quickly! That’s what I get for spending so much time in front of my computer eating snacks and not moving that much.

  Anyway, I intend to post some videos soon. Here’s the list of what is coming:

- Fantasia Film Festival 2013: I’d actually posted a video months ago, but then decided to redo it with one short video per movie instead. I never got around to it. Since the new Fantasia is a few months away at this point, I’ll just redo another long video where I go through all the Fantasia movies I saw in 2013. For the 2014 edition, expect a short video per movie seen.

- Bruno’s RPG Talk: I have two episodes planned. One is ‘Post-Apocalypse Now’ where I will discuss some post-ap RPGs. The other is ‘The Tale of Rhovanor’, where I’ll tell the story of the ongoing D&D game I have with a friend. I had started it as written posts and promised to continue them as such, but I think it’ll be easier and less time consuming for me to just tell the story verbally.

- Chronicles of Adamus: RPG-related again… The idea I had about doing a solo D&D game using Ruins of the Undercity.

That’s all for now folks, see ya soon!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why does everyone like Gail Simone so much?
brunos-geek-reviews brunos-geek-reviews Said:

  There’s a few reasons, and they’re all very valid.

  To get this out of the way first, I’ve made it clear on this blog that my personal opinion of Gail Simone went down the toilet when she insulted a fan of hers who asked her a simple question and then accused me of being a hypocrite when I was disappointed in her and mentioned it in my blog. Ironically, my outrage was very much based on the fact that I NEVER expected that of her and I hated how her fans, who so often denounced unfairness in the industry, turned a blind eye to that misstep. But let’s put my rants aside for the sake of a fair answer.

  To begin with, she’s a good writer. Secret Six remains one of the best series DC put out in recent years. Also, she is not afraid to create new characters who represent minorities and different ideologies. She’s basically the opposite of the New 52, which is centered around the male pervert demographic. I’m looking at you, Scott Lobdell. (Yep, I went there!)

  So even though I dislike her on a personal level and I boycott her stuff now (I know that I’d probably enjoy the hell out of her Red Sonja comic, but I guess I don’t want to give my money to someone who called me a hypocrite.), I admit that overall I think it’s a good thing she’s making comics. Why? Because female writers in comics are not present enough, and when they are, they are often used as a temporary gimmick before being replaced by male writers as soon as possible. She also genuinely cares about the characters, even if I don’t always agree on how she handles them, like with Bane for example.

  So with Gail Simone I have my personal opinion and my ‘bigger picture’ opinion, if you will. One thing you can’t take away from her is that she gives representation to a lot of people who won’t get it in other comics (both by being a female writer and by the characters she writes) and that she knows how to write fun stories.

  In fact expect more than a few videos coming soon regarding lots and lots of geeky stuff!

  That is all. :)


  I live in Montreal, so just for fun I did a very quick search for Montreal-based RPG books. Here’s what I’ve found.

Montreal by Night for Vampire the Masquerade

Horror’s Heart for Call of Cthulhu

Montreal 2074 for Shadowrun

An honorable mention goes to Free Quebec for Rifts, which deals with the general province. (No idea if Montreal is actually mentioned in it.)

(Artist source HERE )

  So much for posting Rhovanor’s tale often as I initially claimed! I’ll get back to it in the days to come… In the meantime, I thought I’d post Rhovanor’s stats and tell you guys where I’m going with this game, assuming he survives long enough. (For those who are first reading about Rhovanor, he’s the character in a one-DM and one-PC game I’m running for a friend.)

 Elf Level 1
Cha 14, Con 13, Dex 15, Int 10, Str 12, Wis 11
HP: 7

  And now to my ‘master plan’. In my campaign, elves don’t age. My idea is that the character will go through many eras. He’s currently in traditional medieval fantasy. But as the game goes on we’ll move on to the Fantasy equivalents of…

- Rennaissance
- Victorian
- 30’s Pulp Adventuring
- Modern Times
- Cyberpunk
- Space Opera
And finally…
- Post-Apocalypse

  I’ll be cannibalizing the following books to serve my campaign when it comes to playing in other time periods/tech levels: Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque I-III, Machinations of the Space Princess, Abnomalous Subsurface Environment Vol.1 and Mutant Future.

  Recently this blog has had a lot of posts I reblogged and RPG material I’ve written. A lot of the latter is stuff I originally posted on Eye Ray of the Beholder.

  So I take a look at the title of this blog and realize it has the word ‘Reviews’ in it.

  Exhibit A:


  I browse my early posts where I wrote and discussed the things I liked or disliked in geek culture (along with this relevant review of a deodorant!), did some fun interviews, sadly had an online dispute with writer Gail Simone which led me to boycott her stuff…

  But for better or worse, this blog was about having opinions on geek stuff. So I’m gonna get back to that. Regarding RPG material, I will continue posting reviews and opinions related to that hobby in here, but the original material for use in games will now only be posted at Eye Ray of the Beholder.

  This blog is going back to its roots.

EDIT: After some consideration, while I intend to do more reviews and similar posts once more, I will keep posting all my RPG stuff in here too. I have noticed that many on Tumblr have enjoyed them so there’s no reason to leave them out when it comes down to it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you think JJ Abrams will do a decent job with the new Star Wars movie?
brunos-geek-reviews brunos-geek-reviews Said:

  I doubt he can do worse than Lucas did with the prequels. I honestly think things can only go up for here for the Star Wars franchise. As far as I’m concerned, what affects me more is what this all means for the Expanded Universe.

  I do think it’s a shame that the Expanded Universe might be swept aside, even if partially, but I do understand why they will do it and I agree with it because of one reason; They stated that after they do it, there will be one clear SW continuity instead of the unclear mess of ‘Does this count or not?’ that has been the Expanded Universe from the beginning. (When there are different stories about how Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc Pit, admittedly the continuity needs to be fixed.) That said, it brings me no joy because I did enjoy the EU for many years.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Bruno, what's your take on the JJ reboot of Star Trek?
brunos-geek-reviews brunos-geek-reviews Said:

  I like them. I am not a Star Trek fan per se though, so my enjoyment of those movies is very ‘casual’. I have yet to watch Wrath of Kahn but I intend to do so at some point.



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